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29 Jan Interview Elia Santana
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Élia Santana é decoradora de interiores há mais de 34 anos e, em 1995, resolveu abrir a sua primeira loja, a Elimóvel, passando anos mais tarde a élia by Elimóvel, ambas situadas em Loulé.Para conhece..
06 Feb The importance of consulting with an interior decorator
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Our days are stressful, round the clock schedules and little time to dedicate ourselves to our home, to put forth ideas that have been wandering through our dreams for so long.Of course, we can set as..
17 Feb Hollywood Regency Style -
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When we approach the “Hollywood Regency Style”, our mind is immediately invaded by the luxurious settings of old films such as The Great Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, as we..
02 Apr Modern Rustic style
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All decoration processes have its own tricks, its own secrets, which makes it unique and comfortable. Just gathering furniture on the same division, does not make it decorated. We have two options t..
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