Our days are stressful, round the clock schedules and little time to dedicate ourselves to our home, to put forth ideas that have been wandering through our dreams for so long.

Of course, we can set aside time to decorate our home. We can roll up our sleeves and get to work! But then there are the doubts ... Will this furniture suit my home? Will I pay too much to get the look I'm looking for? Will this piece fit in the space where I want it? The list goes on, as does the doubting…

Therefore, many times before we even start, we have already given up.

When consulting with an interior decorator, all your stress will be unburdened; you will be able to concentrate on your day-to-day life, and your doubts will be clarified.

An interior decorator will guide you to visualise a particular room, or even the entire house.

Your consultant will take suggestions of your own style, preferred colours, taking your daily needs into consideration, and advise the best option that has the balance between quality and price, as they know all the materials on the market and know exactly which suppliers sell the perfect items for you. This way you won't be paying for inferior materials, nor will you exceed your budget. In reality, the interior decorator will help you save money and time, thus avoiding the biggest error we make ... impulse purchases! Purchases that rarely work and that, most of the time, cause us enormous regret.

The interior consultant, due to his/her experience manages to make that small space in which it seems that nothing fits, into a luxurious, comfortable place and as if through magic, makes it much larger than its real dimension.

Your consultant knows exactly how to visualise, and what appropriate items need be placed in the space that is being decorated.

Nothing will feel cramped or look small and everything will fall into place.

If you are an “animal lover” or have a mini zoo in your home don't worry; your consult will choose the fabric or the right rug so that your pet can still enjoy your décor without you having to hide the interior of the house with covers that are an “eyesore”.

An interior decorator knows how to suggest the best options to make yours a comfortable vivid home, full of warmth, love, and always in style.

The “WOW” factor will never be forgotten.

So, come and talk to me, tell me your concerns, so that together we can find a solution your problem.

More than an interior decorator, I'm a friend, let´s chat.

Authors: Élia Santana & Teresa Santana