When we approach the “Hollywood Regency Style”, our mind is immediately invaded by the luxurious settings of old films such as The Great Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, as well as other films full of glamor and red carpet runners, or the exuberant clothes and sparkling fabrics of the actors on the carpet of the Oscars.

Even the Oscar statuettes are gilded.

It was the film industry that inspired and motivated this style in the 1930s. Producers and directors wanted to transport the opposing style of cinematographic settings into the homes of their movie stars.

A Hollywood star always had to look glamorous, not only in the movies, but also had to flaunt glamor in whatever they did, and everything that surrounded them.

It is within this cinematographic marketing, that the “Hollywood Regency Style” appears with the classic decorations of that era and opens the door to sensual, glamorous, luxury and bright décor.

Black or white furniture with high gloss lacquering, tables with glass or marble tops, fitted with golden or bronze metal feet. Neutral patterns or strong colours on the walls, wallpaper with tropical motifs, or contrasting abstracts are used in conjunction with the furniture. The accessories used are large and shiny, with the paintings being mostly Art Deco.

The textiles follow the colour palette chosen for the walls as well as the accessories. Using texture and details such as fringed, velvet, silk and the use of furs and leather all come together to create the perfect setting. Although black and white pattern is widely used, colours and other patterns are never lacking in this decorative style, both being used strategically, without becoming overwhelming.

I consider the "Hollywood Regency Style" a "blessed mess", where everything is perfectly combined, without becoming aggressive or stressful. The biggest secret of this style resides in the strong details of the accessories, in the carpets carved with colour, the crystals, fringes and the combination of flashy and gilded objects.

The Hollywood Regency Style is composed of eclectic, luxurious, and elegant executed details. It has neutral features, with a timeless, sensual, modern, and dramatic appeal that allows us to let go of our imagination.

We can express ourselves freely and create a vibrant décor. So, go ahead and use dramatic and luxurious decoration, full of contrasts and patterns and feel like a movie star in your home.


Author of the text: Élia Santana & Teresa Santana