All decoration processes have its own tricks, its own secrets, which makes it unique and comfortable.

Just gathering furniture on the same division, does not make it decorated. 

We have two options then: or we decorate by following certain rules and styles, or we make our living-room a deposit for furniture.

Harmony and balance between such opposite styles, as modern and rustic, are not easy to obtain, the selection of each piece, furniture, has to be rigorous and carefully made. 

If we succeed the perfect fusion between modern and rustic, we will obtain a luxurious and full of details decoration.

The Modern Rustic is characterized by some fundamental decoration elements. 

The Rustic is, essentially, made by elements, furniture and decorative items, with a highly presence of natural, such as natural stone, robust wood and natural fibers.

While the Modern style is more represented by more light materials, of industrial fabric, such as aluminum, glass and abstract pieces of contemporary design. 

There are many creative solutions that interior designers combine to get the best of what Modern Rustic can offer.

We are going to share with you some tricks and key elements to make your home the ex libris of perfect combination of these two styles. 

Firstly, choose wood furniture, being careful with quantity and choose always with the same wood color for all pieces, so that it is possible to extend a “rustic vibration” to all house division.

The wood to be used is, normally, thick and with some usage marks or wear.

 To this furniture, we may ad antiquities. If, by any chance, you have a piece of furniture from your grand-parents, which you do not know where to fit in, you may introduce it, as it will give a more eclectic and personalized touch to this style. 

Next, we are going to introduce the modern style, through chairs, sofas, bed headboards, ect., with colorful upholstery or with pattern.

Aluminum brackets with glass lid, stone, marble or wood, golden items, abstract canvas, flowers, flower vases. All these elements may combine to produce the fusion between these two styles. 

Lighting is a mixture of table lamps, robust, with porcelain stands, which may be dark or golden with patterns, or a metal stand. 

The ceiling lightening is, normally, a mixture of metal, black or golden chandeliers, inspired in industrial warehouses. 

Carpets with patterns, texturized pillows in velvet, fake fur, simple and light curtains; these are the key elements to have in consideration.

This all seem to complicated, as each item has to be chosen with some careful and with a special touch. But, do not feel overloaded, we are here to help you.

Relax and fall in love with such an opposite style, which will give you so many pleasant surprises.

Élia Santana & Teresa Santana